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Accepted Items: What Can You Pawn?

In times of financial need, considering a pawn shop as an option may not be the first choice for many people, but maybe it should be. Local Gold Coast Pawn Shops, offer a chance to bring in valuable items that you don’t currently need and walk out with cash.  These local short-term collateral cash loans may give you the chance to deal with an emergency or unforeseen event, while your item is being stored safely at the Pawn Shop. 

While it is important to confirm that your intended Pawn Shop accepts what you are trying to pawn, local Gold Coast Pawn Shop Hock and Go accepts a large range of items.  

Jewellery – this includes anything from rings to watches and earrings to pendants. It is important to understand how pawn shops determine the value of your jewellery and it is encouraged to familiarise yourself with this process before taking your jewellery in to be evaluated. As well as offering loans against these items, at local Gold Coast pawn shops you can also sell your unwanted or damaged gold and jewellery. 

Electronics – devices that you can loan against include phones, computers, tablets, and cameras. Other gaming and electronics can also be used to take out a loan at a local Gold Coast pawn shop. Further examples include laptops, smart watches, and electronic accessories of value. Being the most popular category means it is likely that electronics are what you will use to secure your loan. Ensure that your item is recent and in good working order and your pawn shop can assess from there.  

Tools – if there is a new project you need some cash for but won’t be needing all your tools than this is what you could bring in as a potential security against your loan.  

Collectibles & Antiques – at local Gold Coast pawn shops we understand that these items are valuable and take great care in ensuring you receive the best loan we can offer and keep your items safe while you pay off your loan.  

Luxury handbags – while these items hold clear and significant value, they may be items that aren’t used every day. Therefore, they could be the perfect choice for a short-term loan on the Gold Coast.  

At the local Gold Coast Pawn Shop Hock and Go we have your back and are willing to assess your item no matter how unique or different your item may be. Similarly to other pawn shops it is important to note that due to size and storage potential in our stores, we generally don’t loan on bulky goods. These bulky items could include lawn mowers, whipper snippers, bikes, motorbikes, outdoor equipment, and oversize tools.  

You can pawn almost anything of value at a pawn shop, but what is the next step? 

Bring in your items of value to one of our stores along with your ID. Your local Gold Coast pawn shop can then assess the value of your item and confirm if and how much we can loan to you. And finally, we will process the short-term collateral loan and you can leave with cash. If you are unsure about your items, then give your local pawn store a call before you head in to get a quote over the phone.  

Whether you want to sell or pawn your valuables, Hock and Go on the Gold Coast is the place to go.  

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