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The Most Valuable Items to Bring to a Pawn Shop

Whether you need a quick cash loan on the Gold Coast or looking to part ways with items around your home. Hock & Go are passionate about providing great service and expert advice on loans, trading or selling. You may have seen those popular American shows such as “Pawn Shops” and it’s got you looking around the house to see what unused valuable items you might have forgotten about. The most valuable items to bring into a pawn shop could differ from shop to shop, what is popular in the current market and also personal preference.  

Let’s go through a list of items that our Gold Coast Hock & Go store can take off your hands:  

  • Jewellery 
  • Phones 
  • Computers 
  • Tablets 
  • Gaming
  • Electronics
  • Cameras
  • Tools
  • Collectables
  • Luxury Handbags

At Hock & Go in the Gold Coast, we have your back. If there is something you want to bring in that isn’t on the list, we are open to assessing your item if it is unique or a little different. There are some items we generally don’t loan on due to the size of our store in the Gold Coast. Larger goods such as lawn mowers, motorbikes, oversized tools, and the like are usually turned away.  

If your valuable items to bring to a pawn shop include jewellery or gold, we want to hear from you. A list of jewellery items we buy at Hock & Go includes the following.  

  • Jewellery including rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces 
  • Broken jewellery 
  • Bullions 
  • Coins or medallions 
  • Other items that are made of gold or silver 

If the valuable items of gold, silver or jewellery is what you’re wanting to sell to us, we will visually inspect the type of metal and assess if it’s solid or plated. We will then weigh the items to confirm if it is real or solid gold/silver, we will acid spot test to identify the carats and may x-ray test to provide a definitive confirmation of the item. We will provide a quote based on the going rate for the day, times the weight of your item. We will then give you a quote or you can trade your gold or silver for our other pre-loved items. It is best to pop instore to our Gold Coast Hock & Go store to get a physical inspection as online quotes are indicative only.  

Our team are professional, friendly, and ready to help! Selling to us is a quick and simple process, as well as trading in items or getting a loan. We try to make the process as simple as possible and easier to get a quick cash loan than trying to be approved one from the bank, which can require so much paperwork and admin. Everyone has a valuable item or two they could bring to a pawn shop and walk out with cash in hand. At Hock & Go, we’re here to help, and you can trust us. Contact us today! 

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