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What to Consider Before Getting a Cash Loan

Cash Loans Gold Coast are a quick and easy way to borrow money, as it does not involve a credit check or application, unlike a personal loan. Your loan is based on the value of the item you pawn, these loans are great if you are just needing a small amount of cash quickly. Hock and Go on the Gold Coast, have a Best Hock Guarantee, to give you the confidence that we will always deliver the best interest rate and best price. Getting a cash loan on the Gold Coast is so easy with Hock and Go. Just pop into our store with an item of value and leave with cash. The benefits of a Hock and Go cash loan are;

  • We don’ t do a credit check, we only require photo ID to verify your name and address.
  • It won’t affect your credit if you cant pay back – you will just forfeit the item you loaned against.
  • Fast cash loan- If you need money fast, a Hock & Go cash loan can be issued within minutes.
  • Lower interest rates that our competitors. 
  • We charge interest weekly, giving you more flexibility.
  • You get to enjoy the savings.
  • We’ll beat any competitor’s rate & price.

How To Get A Loan

Getting a Gold Coast cash loan is easy with Hock & Go. Bring your item of value along with your Photo ID to our store in the Gold Coast. We will assess the value of your item and determine how much we can loan you. The loan will be processed within minutes and you can leave with the cash. 

At Hock & Go on the Gold Coast, you can loan against a wide range of items such as;

  • Gold
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • PlayStations
  • Xbox consoles
  • Nintendo consoles
  • Tools
  • Stereo equipment
  • TVs
  • Diamond rings
  • Luxury Handbags & Much Much More!

Hock & Go on the Gold Coast has your back, so don’t be shy if you have something a little different or unique, as we are open to assessing any item you bring in as potential security against your loan.

What You Should Consider Before Getting a Hock & Go Cash Loan

Before getting a cash loan on the Gold Coast, you should consider if you are able to repay the loan. Especially if you do not want to forfeit the item if you are unable to repay. You should also consider if you can live without the item during the loan period, which could be weeks or months depending on the agreed repayment plan. Another thing to consider is if your item is eligible to loan against, if you are unsure you can pop into our store in the Gold Coast, and we can assess the item and let you know if/how much we can loan against it. Cash loans Gold Coast have a relatively rapid turnaround compared to other loans; it is important to have a plan to repay the loan within the designated repayment window.

Hock & Go Cash Loans

At Hock & Go we offer “More Bang for your Hock” with fast hassle-free loans, great service, and the lowest rates – designed so you can get access to cash when you need it most. Get a quote by popping into our store on the Gold Coast or head to our website!

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